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About South Asian Welcome Centre

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South Asian Welcome Centre was established as a charitable counselling centre in 2002. Even though we focus on the South Asian community, we are open to serve all cultures and religions. No one is turned down!

We believe that with the right tools and opportunities, people can make choices that lead to meaningful lives. 

The South Asian Welcome Centre (SAWC) offers a range of programs that seek to provide hope to families and individuals, and help them become strong and valued contributors to their community.


Our areas of expertise include: 

  • Substance Abuse-Drugs / Alcohol 

  • Marriage and Pre-Marital Counselling

  • Sexually Appropriate Behaviour 

  • Anger Management, Abusive Behaviour 

  • Domestic Violence / Abuse (PARS Plus) 

  • Children and Teenager's Issues 

  • Parenting Skills 

  • Family Issues (Conflict, discipline, desertion, divorce, and abuse) 

  • Grief Counselling 

  • Road rage / Drinking and Driving


SAWC's aim is to alleviate negative feelings and behaviours, and replace them with hope and optimism.

While the focus is on South Asians, the largest visible minority group in Peel, the Centre welcomes everyone and works to make each person feel a sense of belonging in Canada.

South Asian mother with her Son playing together
South Asian father and his children playing together.

Our Vision

The South Asian Welcome Centre is renowned for its inclusive and enriching programs that embrace, support, and uplift the community, especially people of South Asian heritage

Our Mission

The South Asian Welcome Centre is an educational and social services centre that is founded on Christian values and that reaches out to the community, especially South Asians, by touching their lives in a loving and affirmative way. 

Our Values

We continually strive to be a centre that: 

  • Is culturally sensitive

  • Is respectful to all peoples

  • Is committed to diversity

  • Is faithful in stewardship

  • Builds on its Christian principles

  • Is open and inclusive

  • Exhibits integrity and trust 

  • Competently serves the needs of clients 

Outline image of chairs in a community centre
Outline image of chairs in a community centre
Outline image of chairs in a community centre
Outline image of chairs in a community centre
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