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South Asian mother and son smiling
Grandparents playing with grandchild at this Brampton Counselling Centre

We open our doors and our hearts to welcome and embrace all who seek help.

Couple in love after marriage counselling in Brampton


South Asian Welcome Centre was established as a charitable counselling centre in 2002. Even though we focus on the South Asian community, we are open to serve all cultures and religions. No one is turned down!

We believe that with the right tools and opportunities, people can make choices that lead to meaningful lives. 

The South Asian Welcome Centre (SAWC) offers a range of programs that seek to provide hope to families and individuals, and help them become strong and valued contributors to their community.

SAWC's aim is to alleviate negative feelings and behaviours, and replace them with hope and optimism.

While the focus is on South Asians, the largest visible minority group in Peel, the Centre welcomes everyone and works to make each person feel a sense of belonging in Canada. 

The Taj Mahal in South Asia during sunset

Enhancing the well-being of families and individuals through counselling.

Services We Offer

Our services and programs help to equip and enable members of the community to acquire a better quality of life. 


They are conducted in an ethnically-sensitive manner that caters to the needs of our diverse population. 

Marital, family, and individual counselling is available for parents and children.

Anger & Abusive Behaviour Management Counselling
Counselling for South Asian Men
Getting to Know
Your Neighbour Program
  • Group and individual counselling available.

  • Equivalent to PARS and more.

  • Domestic violence/abuse issues.

  • Marital and Family issues.

  • Includes alcohol abuse management and impaired driving intervention services. 

  • Anger Management and Abusive Behaviour Counselling.

  • Fathering Program.

  • ​Helping Non-South Asians to become familiar and comfortable with the South Asian Community.

  • 6 to 20 individuals in a group.



2,County Court,Unit 400,4th Floor,Room #462 . Brampton, ON L6W 3W8

bird soaring through the air
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